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Product Review - Bin Sandblasting and Epoxy Painting - Global Bin Builders

Global Bin Builders Inc • 320-413-0312

Global Bin Builders • Iowa Falls, IA • 320-413-0312 •

Global Bin Builders was founded in 2017 to install and erect grain bins, working in more than 25 states.

In 2021, the company added steel grain bin sandblasting and epoxy painting services.

According to Sales Manager Mike McDowell, “First we determine how moisture entered the bin, and what corrective measures are necessary to correct the problem. Then we sandblast and paint the bin using a two-step process: A zinc-based primer that bonds to and protects the steel, followed by a highly durable abrasion-resistant epoxy coating.”

Work Around the Clock

“We show up on time, do the job correctly, work around the clock to ensure timely project completion, and stand behind our work. If you have issues with your steel bins, call us,” adds McDowell.


• Zinc-based primer bonds to steel and acts as a sacrificial anode, protecting the bin sidewall.

• Addressing moisture issues in steel bins improves grain quality.

• Durable epoxy coating provides abrasion resistance, preserving the life of the bin.

• Service includes educating customers on how to protect their bin investment.

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