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Product Review - Silo Inspection and Cleanout - IA Bulk Materials

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IA Bulk Materials provides worldwide bulk storage cleaning services featuring silo cleanout, bin whipping, and silo inspection.

According to Executive Vice President and Founder Christopher Ledbetter, “We can tackle any project no matter the severity, and we’ve never walked away from a site unfinished.

“We can bring more than 14 tools and methodologies to bear, and our cleanout process includes standard and proprietary equipment to get the job done faster and better than competitors.”

No Confined Space Entry

“We provide silo cleaning with no confined space entry to keep everyone safe and get the job done right. We use bin whips as well as cardox blasting to dislodge buildup that can reduce bin storage capacity and decrease safety risks,” he adds.

According to Ledbetter, the company utilizes a cutting-edge visual inspection device designed for hard-to-reach, vertical confined spaces. “The allows our silo inspections to take less time and less resources with no safety compromises,” he explains.


• Silo cleanout involves no human entry and is 100% clean, 100% of the time.

• Fast response time reduces flow issues and risk of fires and increases productivity.

• Crews can work around facility outages to maintain production schedules.

• Silo inspection, repair, and maintenance options are also available.

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