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Interstates • Sioux Center, IA • 712-722-1662 •

Interstates has provided companies with electrical construction, automation, and operational technology solutions for 70 years. In 2019, the company introduced Utility Monitor (UM), which uses standard network protocols to collect information from site metering for water, air, gas, electric, and steam.

According to Lead Analytics Developer David King, “This solution requires a network connection to plant floor devices and pulls data from each device to provide historical, trending, and utility consumption analysis. It also provides multiple protocol connectors that can connect to most existing utility meters regardless of brand or model.”

Understand Consumption Trends

“The UM has internal register lists for many devices that enable efficient data collection and analysis,” says King. “Customers are increasingly interested in monitoring their utility systems and seek accountability to audit their utility supplier, troubleshoot and understand consumption trends, and gain quantitative data relative to sustainability goals they may set.”


• Sends an alert when a value exceeds a specified threshold for a period of time.

• Timely automated reporting allows for signature and operation input.

• Forecast utility consumption based on monthly, quarterly, or seasonal timeframes.

• Data collection and historization on a wide range of existing metering hardware.

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