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Product Review - Automated Railcar Hatches - Ecofab USA

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Since 1975, Ecofab has partnered with customers to create custom railcar covers under the motto, “Service always comes first,” to meet customer requirements and environmental regulations.

In 2020, Ecofab introduced the AutoHatch railcar cover, which eliminates the need for loading operators to climb/walk on top of grain trains.

According to CEO John Cruikshank, “All grain hopper railcars in North America require people to climb and walk on top of railcars to manually open and close hatches during loading – a hazardous, time-consuming task that needs to be undertaken 24/7 in all weather conditions.”

Enhanced Safety in all Weather Conditions

“The AutoHatch can be operated safely at ground level,” says Cruikshank, “eliminating the need to climb or walk on grain hopper railcars.

“The AutoHatch can operate in all North American weather conditions and is especially designed to operate in winter weather,” he adds.


• Automatically open and close hatches on grain hopper railcars from either side at ground level.

• Operable in strong winds and heavy snow and ice conditions. The AutoHatch can open or close within 15 seconds.

• Ground-level visual indicator shows hatch is open or closed.

• Can be fitted to any new or existing grain hopper railcar.