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Product Review - Rotary Screen Cleaner - Crippen Northland Superior

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Crippen Northland Superior • Winnipeg, MB, Canada • 204-925-6141 •

For 36 years, Crippen Northland Superior has manufactured grain and seed cleaning equipment for large and small grain and seed companies in North America.

In 2006, Sales and Engineering Manager Willy Bowles says the company introduced the NS-33x120P22LS8-60 rotary screen cleaner, with improvements ever since.

“The cleaner’s optimized screen slope and flow area maximizes capacity for a variety of grains,” says Bowles. “The cleaner features a horizontal orbital motion, which allows a maximum presentation of screen surface to grain and much higher capacities than possible from conventional screen separators.”

Added-Value Processing

“Aspirators and rubble decks combine with the rotary screen cleaner to provide operating flexibility and added-value processing for export grain terminals, feed mills, seed production facilities, oilseed plants, and flour milling operations,” he adds.


• Heavy-gauge construction and stress-relieved weldments, as well as heavy-gauge internal spouting for enhanced wear resistance.

• Orbiting screen action for superior screen capacity and parallel- or counter-flow deck configurations.

• Uniframe screen construction ensures correct dimension between ball and screen and allows for maximum cleaning action.

• Positive securing of screen frame shoe plus inspection doors and sampling ports.

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