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Bin Cleaning System Navigates Difficult Areas

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CTEC AG system efficiently loosens and removes grain

In April, CTEC AG introduced a corner bin cleaning system. This flailing-type system uses high air pressure to power whip heads and adapt to different bin configurations and clean into corners.

According to CEO Greg Wurst, “The corner bin cleaning system navigates difficult, hard to reach, problem areas and can use a single head or a dual-action, air-driven process to lift product. Unlike hydraulic bin cleaning systems, using air power eliminates potential contamination, and it works well on a variety of products.”

High Efficiency

“It is a very efficient way to loosen and remove grain – particularly in corners and hard-to-reach areas,” he adds. “We’ve done extensive research and development on a number of materials, including frozen sand, to create an efficient and highly effective bin cleaning system.

From May/June 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Bin Cleaning System Features

  • A number of different power heads are adaptable to the system.
  • Power heads are manipulated with high air pressure and whip in different, random directions.
  • Highly efficient system loosens and removes product, and will be available with different types of cleaning heads in the near future.
  • More likely to provide a complete cleanout compared to other systems.
  • Loosens material vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Addresses corners in non-circular environments.

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