Flow Diverters

BAI flow diverters (from left): Baffle diverter, Flow-Thru spinner diverter, and Flow-Over spinner diverter

Reprinted from Grain Journal September/October 2016 Issue

Bulk Ag Innovations (BAI) offers three styles of diverter products for fast, complete filling of railcars, canned storage, and shipping containers.

• The Flow-Thru spinner diverter allows for product to be thrown outward as well as straight through, allowing an even distribution.

• The Baffle diverter uses gravity to throw product with its adjustable baffles in both pitch and length. This unit allows a portion of production to flow through.

• The Flow-Over spinner diverter slings product to locations an angle of repose can’t reach. When loading is complete, this unit can seal ends of round spouting by being partially retracted into the spouting itself.

According to Vice President of Sales Carl Yaegel, the Flow-Over spinner diverter allows greater fills of pelletized material into a variety of environments to reduce shipping costs and loading/handling times.

“One of our customers realized a 20% shipping volume increase using the Flow-Over Spinner Diverter,” relates Yaegel. “So essentially, they’re making eight trips instead of 10 to move the same volume of material.”


  • Sizes range from 9 to 24 inches, square or round.
  • Numerous configurations are available, including food-grade stainless steel or AR/high brinell steel.

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