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Ground Pile Air Intake System Focuses Airflow to Specific Problem Areas

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VeraVent features secure outer flap to prevent moisture from re-entering

In 2015, JMI Covers, LLC introduced the VeraVent™ Air Intake system to provide additional air flow to possible problem areas within a grain storage pile.

“Rather than having to pick up a pile due to increasing CO2 levels or warming temperatures, VeraVent allows the user to focus airflow to the specific problem area,” says Regional Sales Manager Tom Scott. “VeraVent offers the ability to increase air flow and quickly address the problem area to help maintain grain quality.”


According to Scott, the VeraVent features an 8-foot opening and is ideal for center air or conical-shaped piles, where FM tends to build around the inner core making balanced airflow difficult. “Once VeraVent has been installed and secured,” explains Scott, “it easily can be re-opened and closed should product samples or additional cooling be required.”

Easy Installation

“With a large 8-foot opening, VeraVent delivers a concentrated air flow to problem areas,” says Scott.

“In 15 minutes you simply can place VeraVent over the problem area and secure it. VeraVent begins to cool the area immediately. Once cooled, secure the protective outer flap to prevent moisture from re-entering the vent area.”

From September/October 2016 GRAIN JOURNAL

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