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Multi-Deck Screen Speeds Up Grain Cleaning Processes

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BM&M Multi-Deck Screener features rugged rugged construction and simple design

In March 2016, BM&M introduced the Super-Flow versions of the BM&M Multi-Deck Screen for high capacity screening of grains, legumes, and oilseeds.

According to President Collin Jackson, “our customers are being asked to process more grain and fill more rail cars in the same amount of time, and the Multi-Deck Screen enables customers to speed up grain cleaning so they can be more efficient. It can clean wheat and canola without making changes at 240 mtph.”

Long-lasting Equipment

“New, modern manufacturing techniques including 3D modeling, laser cutting, and CNC forming allow us to manufacture to extremely tight tolerances without exceeding our design weight limits,” says Jackson. “The screen features rugged construction and simplicity of design,” he says.

Reprinted from Grain Journal September/October 2016 Issue

Product Features

  • 600-square-feet of screen area for maximum throughput and requires only 107-square-feet of floor space.
  • Rotates horizontally at 300 rpm compared to 180 rpm for reciprocating machines.
  • Three-year drive warranty.
  • Fully enclosed construction to ensure cleaner operating environment and minimum housekeeping.

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