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Product Review ... Agtrax; Synchronized, Real-Time Data Software

AgTrax • 866-360-0016

AgTrax • Hutchinson, KS 866-360-0016 •

Since 1996, AgTrax has developed agricultural retail business software that is designed to be flexible, integrated, and easy to use.

In April 2021, the company introduced SQL Replication software to provide synchronized accounting and grain inspection data, which Director of Development Brad Ryan says enables data-driven decisions to be made in real time.

“SQL Replication synchronizes your accounting and grain inspection data in real time,” says Ryan, “so reporting can be done without slowing your data entry and process. You also can connect data to any other data source and combine it into one report or platform.”

Open Setup

“SQL Replication has an open setup for all users on your system,” he explains, “so you can create a report and share it with anyone or revoke access at any time at the touch of a button. The system piggybacks on Microsoft’s Azure platform using its artificial intelligence to show anomalies in the data and highlight potential issues/problems.”


• Data synchronized in real time and allows access to data wherever internet access is available.

• System allows operators to use their time analyzing data rather than collecting and collating data.

• Data easily shared with anyone.

• Pricing is based on the number of users on the system.

From Grain Journal 2021 May/June Issue

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