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Brock Grain Systems since 1957 has designed and built equipment and storage systems for grain handling facilities worldwide.

In January, the company introduced its patent-pending TrueGrain™ moisture sensor system, which works exclusively with Brock’s INTUI-DRY® dryer control to provide more accurate and consistent evaluation and measurement of grain exiting a dryer.

According to Product Director Jim Kraft, “Grain exiting a dryer passes vertically between two sensor plates in a controlled, well-mixed flow to produce a very accurate and consistent grain moisture measurement with less calibration required. This contributes to accurate and efficient grain drying.”

Consistent, Accurate Results

“The metering wheel ensures a consistent volume of grain passes through the sensors,” explains Kraft, “regardless of volume exiting the dryer to provide consistent, accurate results. The vertical column delivers a uniform sample, where all grain, including fines, is mixed and measured.”


• Parallel sensing technology features two vertical plates in a drawer for easy maintenance.

• Temperature probe inside the grain column protects against changes in ambient air temperature.

• Metering wheel delivers a consistent volume of grain through sensors.

• Vertical column ensures a uniform sample for accurate and consistent moisture measurement.

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