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Arnold Company • Trenton, IL • 800-245-7505 •

For more than two decades, Arnold Company has manufactured the Door Demon® line of hopper gate and boxcar openers. The company’s patented Door Demon® hopper trailer opener (HTO) was invented for opening truck trailer hopper gates/traps.

According to President Albert Middeke, “The HTO was designed specifically to open truck hopper gates. Our challenge was finding the perfect combination of torque, speed, and weight to design a product that would improve safety and productivity for the operator while also being accepted by trailer owners. We think we’ve done just that.

“The HTO has enough non-impacting torque to open the toughest hopper gates,” says Middeke, “but it is also lightweight and controllable for safe, all-day use.

“It was designed as a handheld unit,” he adds, “not only for maximum flexibility and mobility but also to signal the user when they’ve reached the end of the gate track to avoid gate damage.”


• Lightweight and portable.

• Smooth, continuous torque and speed designed specifically for truck hopper gates/traps.

• Custom, quick-connect sockets match various hopper styles and lock in place to prevent accidental detachment.

• Manual shaft lock to unlock gate/trap latch.

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