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Safe-Grain has manufactured quality control equipment for grain since 1954. RadarMax™ Continuous Level Control is an advanced, non-contact, high-precision radar level sensor, and an improved version of RadarMax sensor technology that the company introduced in 2021.

“RadarMax is ideal for continuous level sensing of granular, powder and liquid product in round, square and interstice bins, hopper or flat bottom silos and tanks. This is a very successful system, because it sees thru the dust inside bins/silos/vessels that other units can’t see through. That means the RadarMax system will perform well even while filling and emptying the vessel,” says President Scott Chant.

Real Time Inventory Levels

“RadarMax eliminates the need for human bin level measurement and provides real-time inventory levels. This is a true system with everything in place to use out of the box and at a significantly lower installed sensor and system cost compared to other level indicators,” adds Chant.


• Provides automatic alerts via text message, email, and output relays.

• Free remote viewing on Android, iPhone and web browsers.

• Solar powered wireless sensor option available.

• Low-cost, easy-to-install system has anti-theft report feature to protect unmanned remote grain storage facilities.

From May/June 2022 Grain Journal

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