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Arnold Company has been providing vibration equipment for rail and other industrial applications for over 20 years. The company’s customer base includes railcar unloading operations, concrete and industrial applications, and food services.

According to President Albert Middeke, Arnold Company’s vibration product line has three main families – railcar vibration, concrete vibration, and industrial vibration. Offerings include both pneumatic and electric vibration applications, as well as several accessories for vibration and pneumatic systems.

“We carry all major brands of vibration equipment including Powtek, Cleveland, Vibco, and Martin,” he says. “Our strategic partnerships and deep history allow Arnold Company to find solutions for almost any need.”

Railcar Openers

For the grain industry, Arnold offers a complete line of railcar openers and accessories. “To service our rail customers we have lined up the best railcar vibration solutions in the market,” says Middeke, “including strategic relationships with Powtek and Cleveland Vibrator.”

In 2015, Arnold Company introduced the patent- pending Rhino Railcar Vibrator Lifter.

“This unit provides a great safety and productivity solution allowing the operator to lift, place, and remove heavy railcar vibrators from the pocket of the railcar,” says Middeke.

The Rhino is powered by a pneumatic motor which operates a hydraulic system designed to safely and easily maneuver the vibrator and bracket assembly into and out of the railcar pocket, all without any manual lifting by the operator.

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