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Anderson Engineering TSS2 silo bridge breaker.

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2019 Issue

The Anderson Engineering TSS2 bridge disintegrator was introduced in October 2018 to enhance safety by eliminating the need for a person to enter silos to break up material bridging.

According to Owner and President Mike Anderson, “The TSS2 has a unique, all-stainless steel design for durability. After the auger digs down to the bridge, the operator – who is safely on top of the silo – uses the control panel to start the powerful vibrator with its high-torque air drive to destroy the bridge. Bridging, rat holing, voids and other flow problems are quickly eliminated by the TSS2.”

Product Features

  • Patented
  • Unique auger and powerful vibrator work to destroy silo bridges.
  • Self-contained system is easy to operate from the safety of the top of the silo.
  • Durable, all-stainless steel construction for long life.
  • Enhances safety by being easy to operate and control, and quick to deploy.

Improved Safety

“We designed this product to improve safety and prevent the 30 deaths per year in U.S. silo accidents by eliminating the need for workers to enter the silo. It also reduces lost productivity and contaminated food products that can result from bridging,” he adds.

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