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Utility Management Software Monitors Grain Growers' Utility Usage

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System helps reduce additional costs

In 2017, Kasa Controls & Automation introduced their Utility Management System software to help grain facilities monitor utility usage, peak load and power factor, and to warn of unusually high and expensive energy usage.

According to Sales Representative and Marketing Supervisor John Claman, “Our system can alert operations of peak demand before a new high is established.

“This can significantly reduce peak demand charges and help facilities avoid ratchet clauses that can add thousands of dollars in additional costs due to a single high-average peak demand usage for 15 minutes.”

Better Quality Grain

“The utility management system can be tied into automation to reveal specific equipment usage contributing to costs and can implement logical load shedding of unneeded equipment,” he adds. “The system’s dashboard can be displayed on any networked computer or smart device at the facility and can send alerts via email or text.”

From May/June 2018 GRAIN JOURNAL

Utility Management Software Features

  • Provides an up-to-date utility bill estimate based on tariff formulas.
  • Monitors utility usage, peak load, and power factor.
  • Helps facilities avoid ratchet clauses due to peak demand usage.
  • Provides real-time billing estimate of facility’s expenditures on user’s computer or smartphone.

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